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Freestyle Session Information
     Freestyle sessions are not intended for use as a public session. The freestyle ice time is for figure skaters to practice and to advance their skills. To avoid injuries, there is a skating Code of Conduct that all skaters need to remember. Coaches and parents, please ensure that your skaters are aware of and carefully follow these essential rules.

  1. Our more experienced skaters are encouraged to help newer skaters learn ice safety & right-of-way policies.
  2. First priority right-of-way goes to the skater running a program. If someone is skating to their program with music, please be respectful and move out of their way. Second priority right-of-way goes to students working with coaches.
  3. Look where you are going to help avoid potential collisions. Get up as quickly as possible after a fall and move safely out of the path of other skaters.
  4. Only one skater at a time in the music box.
  5. If you need to stop and talk, please move over to the boards to do so.
  6. Pick up objects you may see on the ice — they can be dangerous.
  7. Report any deep holes in the ice to rink staff so that they can be repaired. Never ever kick the ice in anger.
  8. No food or chewing gum on the ice.
  9. It is each skater’s responsibility to provide their own personal kleenex if needed and dispose of it properly. The rink’s napkins and toilet paper are not acceptable substitutes.
  10. No cursing or inappropriate language.
  11. Spectators who are in the hockey box, at the rink entrances, or elsewhere close up to the ice are asked to be respectful of all the skaters and their practice time.
  12. At the end of the session, please be sure to shut all doors to the ice.
  13. No hockey skates or walkers are allowed to be used on the ice during the Free Style sessions.
  14. Be thoughtful, be kind, be respectful and enjoy your time on the ice.